WRITTEN BY Hamid Ranjbaran CEO

Our core values are the guiding principles that dictates our behavior and action. Our core values are what makes us unique, drive our culture, and make a difference in the way we do business and serve our customers. From the first "hello" to the last "you're welcome" every person should be made to feel special. We love to solve a new problem or offer a new solution that creates value for our customers and the partners we serve. Whether we're driving for you or simply answering your phone call, we go the extra mile and strive to make a difference. Our greatest achievement is earning the trust of our customers and partners. Whether we're transporting personal items or a priceless exhibit, our clients are putting their precious cargo in our care. We take that seriously. We operate with integrity, push to overcome obstacles, and will deliver results each and every time.



We have more than 17 years of experience in performing cargo transportation services by land, sea, and air for goods from China. Furthermore, with its branches in Europe, China, Dubai, and Iran; OCEAN provides professional services in logistics and customs clearance. Through our rich industry experience, we’re here to provide you with best-in-class customer service. Your shipments, your needs. It’s as simple as that. With customized solutions and proven results, we’re the partner you can trust. One of our unique services is acting as an intermediate and independent buyer and providing consulting and translation services. One of the biggest and most important reasons for unsuccessful transactions in China is the very complex and difficult Chinese language. Unfortunately, suppliers in many cities, especially factories, are not fluent in English, and very often mistakes are made that lead to catastrophic financial losses. With Ocean as an intermediate buyer and shipping company, we can assure a swift transaction and delivery of your goods.      
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